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Years served - 50 +
Patients served - 5 Million +
Served today - 356
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Emergency Number: 0141 352 4444
What does Outreach represent to all of us at SDMH? Is it a movement? Is it a philosophy? Or is it a vision? Perhaps, it is a bit of all three. Outreach is fluid in a sense that a hospital can never be. A hospital has structure, permanence, and it is expected that people will flock to it in their hour of need.
Outreach adopts a totally different tack. It means walking the extra mile, going out and impacting those very lives, those people, those children who, perhaps, find the trudge to SDMH too demanding. It means going into villages month after month to treat a few thousand rural folks who would have struggled, otherwise, to find succour. It means tackling the urban slums which proliferate in Indian cities. It means working hand in glove with institutions like Disha and Umang which have done pioneering work in serving children with special needs. It means lending a hand at the SOS Village to help orphans in need. It means organizing diverse activities for children who are HIV positive. These, and a myriad other activities, are organized so as to help the needy. Further, Santokba works very closely with Anganwadis, with the Barefoot College, Tilonia; with Nanhi Chhaan, Bal Bhavan etc. The mission statement given to Team Outreach, reads, “Where you find unhappiness, create happiness; where you find misery, generate joy.”
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We welcome enlightened members of the community and corporate bodies to sponsor and provide long term sustainability to this free welfare project. Your contribution will go a long way in bringing peace and dignity to someone in pain. Donations are approved for exception under 80 G (50% tax exemption)
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