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Years served - 50 +
Patients served - 5 Million +
Served today - 356
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Emergency Number: 0141 352 4444
The Avedna Ashram is a 100-bedded hospice, a home for patients with terminal illness and a shelter for people in pain. Unlike developed countries (where the state is mandated to providing such a facility), Avedna – as one of the few private hospices in India – fills the void by providing board, lodging and palliative care to terminally-ill patients or to those who are in the last stages of cancer or paralysis. So far, over 8000 patients have been benefited from the Ashram and a total of 230,000 days of patient care services in provided to its inmates. Avedna steps in when family and friends grow weary, as a place where care and compassion are free but life is rationed. We, at Avedna, have learnt to cherish ‘today’ for we know that ‘tomorrow’ may be a distant dream. Designed for fresh air and plentiful light, the Ashram also houses the Ananth Bhandari Day Centre which caters to the spiritual, academic, intellectual and creative needs of senior citizens (i.e. people over 60) through activities that they conduct on their own: yoga, meditation, music, reading and lectures. Food for all patients is prepared in a spacious, well-equipped kitchen; the inmates are also exposed to reading material, music, games, television, counselling, medicine and acupressure services – all of it pro bono.
Some Comments by Visitors:

    It is inspiring, divine and dynamic. The Durlabhji Avedna Ashram is the work of God.


    A heart-warming experience! Our visit to Avedna was most moving; in a sense, it touched the innermost chords of humanism.


    Avedna Ashram is the living embodiment of Gandhiji’s trusteeship philosophy. The Durlabhji family has carried forward the tradition of the rich sharing and caring for the poorest and neediest in society.


    The greatest joy in life, is life itself...and the care and love that you give. Your patients and staff members make life worth living. My heart and prayers go out to each one of you for the service you are doing towards humanity. I am truly humbled. Keep up the extraordinary work you do.


    Visiting Avedna Ashram was one of the most moving experiences of my life. The kindness of the family and the nurses is extraordinary.

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We welcome enlightened members of the community and corporate bodies to sponsor and provide long term sustainability to this free welfare project. Your contribution will go a long way in bringing peace and dignity to someone in pain. Donations are approved for exception under 80 G (50% tax exemption)
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