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Years served - 50 +
Patients served - 5 Million +
Served today - 356
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Emergency Number: 0141 352 4444
The Medical Library in SDMH was established in 1972 as a reference library. It is one of its kinds in the private sector research hospitals in Jaipur. The library has a stock of around 25000 learning materials including textbooks, bound journals, periodicals, dissertations, CDs/DVDs etc. SDMH Library organizes BOOK FAIRS to facilitate its consultants, DNB students and other medical fraternity of Jaipur to choose medical books of their interest, and add to these rich resources.
Library Collection
  • 1
    Approximately 15000
  • 2
    Bound vol. of journals
  • 3
    Dissertation/ Theses
  • 4
    Compact disc (CD/ DVD)
  • 5
  • 6
    North America Clinics
The Library ManagementK Software at SDMH Library
The introduction of open source software Koha Library Software Management is an added feather to the library’s cap. KOHA improves a library’s relevance to the academic community because it joins its members with the library digitally. Members can view the whole library’s catalogued material from their desktops from anywhere within the CAMPUS. They can maintain their carts according to their choice, save favourites and keep a view on their reading history. The library staff enjoy working in an automated environment and the patrons enjoy services rendered using an OPAC instead of a card catalogue system. KOHA Library automation addresses the problem of manual processing of materials.
Users Categories:
  • 1
    Consultant (2)
  • 2
    DNB Students (3)
  • 3
    Nursing/Hospital Staff (4)
  • 4
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Services Provided
  • Reading Facilities:
    Room and Computer Section is available 24x7. Circulation section remains open between 9.00 am To 5.30 pm. on weekdays. On Sundays and holidays only reading facilities (magazine, newspapers etc.) are provided to the users for 24 hours in the library premises.
  • Reference Services:
    Reference services are provided to the users. Users can refer printed documents and non printed materials like CD ROM data base, DVDs, video in the library during the specified period.
  • Internet Facilities:
    Internet facilities are provided to the users for accessing the Web, on line journals, searching facilities 24 hours, a day.
  • Facilities for outsider:
    outsider: With the permission of Assistant Medical Superintendent and a caution deposit of Rs. 5000/- as security money, the candidate is allowed to use the library as a reader as well as borrow books from the library as per rules.
  • Self help collections:
    collections: An important addition to our collection has been the materials from various self help groups. These constitutes both publications as well as extensive documentation files of library work, newspaper clippings, hospital news, hospital pictures and albums etc.
  • Research Paper :
    We maintain a large collection of theses and journal articles on various topics.
  • Audio Visuals:
    We have a good collection of DVDs/CDs on hospital as well as on its various activities such as outreach programme and workshop.
Categories for membership
Library membership will be classified into 3 categories
  • A
  • B
    All other staff
  • C
    Special members
    (Non- employee medical outsiders)