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Years served - 50 +
Patients served - 5 Million +
Served today - 137
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Emergency Number: 0141 352 4444

Department of Radio-diagnosis is one of the oldest department of S.D.M.H. and has been an integral part of its developmental growth. Department of Radio-diagnosis delivers an enormous amount of workload every day that includes routine & special X-rays of all kinds, sonographies ranging from routine to all gynaecological & obstetric studies, soft tissue, vascular Doppler studies and interventional procedures as a routine.
The department is staffed with 7 full-time Consultants, 1 part-time Consultant, 8 DNB Residents, 14 Radiographer technicians, 1 full-time Radiation Safety Officer, clerical, nursing and support staff.
The department is divided into OPD and IPD sections.
This department is equipped with 17 X-ray machines [Portable, fixed and C-Arm units] attached with Computed Radiography and Digital Radiography systems, 7 Sonography machines [5 fixed and 2 portables], CT scan, MRI and Nuclear imaging, through outsourcing, form an integral part of department and are a landmark facility of the region. Interventional Radiology and 24 hours available Cath lab add to the already efficient credentials of our department.
The department is recognized by National Board of Examination for Training [DNB] in Radio-diagnosis since 1992. 31 DNB candidates have already cleared the Post Graduate course from this department and are working at places of repute across the globe.
The department also conducts diploma course for radiology technicians [D.M.R.T.] since 1991 in association with Indian Medical Association, New Delhi and now with the National Institute of Open Schools [NIOS]. These trained radiographers play a major role in running the department in and beyond Rajasthan.

Procedures in Interventional Radiology-
Hepatobiliary and GI Intervention-   
Ø  Biliary drainages (PTBD and Stenting)
Ø  Biliary strictures.
Ø  RFA for liver tumors
Ø  TACE for liver tumors
Ø  Hepatic vein and IVC stenting
Ø  Portal vein thrombolysis/stenting
Ø  GI bleed embolization
Ø  Mesenteric Ischemia Interventions.
Ø  Post-Transplant Interventions
Ø  PAIR for liver hydatid
Venous Interventions-
Ø  Varicose Vein laser ablation and sclerotherapy
Ø  Deep venous thrombolysis
Ø  Angioplasty/stenting
Ø  Venous access
Ø  IVC filter
Nephrology/Urology interventions-
Ø  Dialysis Fistula angioplasty
Ø  Central venous angioplasty/stenting
Ø  Permcath Placement
Ø  Peritoneal Dialysis catheter placement
Ø  Antegrade ureteric stent placement
Ø  Tumor Embolization
Ø  Prostatic artery embolization
Ø  Varicocele embolization
Ø  Bronchial artery embolization
Ø  Pulmonary AVM embolization
Ø  Vertebral /bone biopsy
Ø  Vertebroplasty
Ø  Facetal block
Ø  RFA for osteoid osteoma
Ø  Tumor embolization
Ø  Pain Management
Interventional Oncology
Ø  Tumor Ablation/Embolization.
Ø  PICC line placement.
Ø  Chemoport Placement
Ø  FNAC/Biopsy
Ø  Nerve Block
Gynecological Interventions-
Ø  Fallopian tube recanalization
Ø  Uterine fibroid embolization
Ø  Uterine AVM
Ø  Post-Partum Bleed
Ø  Embolization for Pelvic congestion.
Non vascular-
Ø  All type of biopsies and FNAC.
Ø  Percutaneous Fluid aspiration and drainage procedures.

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