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Years served - 50 +
Patients served - 5 Million +
Served today - 135
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Emergency Number: 0141 352 4444
Neuro & Spine Surgery is a specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment, both surgical and non-surgical, of disorders of the nervous system, which includes the brain, skull, spinal column and spinal cord. Department of Neurosurgery started functioning in Santokba Durlabhji Hospital in the year 1984. From a single run department initially, the department now has expanded to include three well trained Neurosurgeons with their own areas of expertise. The department of Neurosurgery is now a part of Santokba Durlabhji Institute of Neurosciences (SDIN). The common neurosurgical procedures and operations include degenrative spinal disorders, treating prolapsed intervertebral discs, operating on aneury and AVMs. Major Head injuries are also treated in the Neurointensive care unit in conjunction with the Intensive care team. The department further specialized in doing neurovascular interventions The department is recognized by National Board of Examination for super-speciality training (DNB) in Neurosurgery (1 seat/year). The Neurosurgery team has organized CMEs and Symposium including an yearly oration in association with the Neurology Department.
  • 1
    Operative Neuro Microscope
  • 2
    Superspeciality services
  • 3
    Dedicated Neuro ICU
  • 4
    Modular OT
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
    Spine Surgery
  • 8
    Neuronavigation / stereotactic trigeminal neuralgia / biopsy
  • 9
    Operation facilities for aneurysm, AVM, brain tumors, hydrocephalus, spinal tumors, complex brain & spinal surgeries.
  • 10
    Coiling for Aneurysm, Neuro vascular intervention for chemic brain & carotid stenosis
  • 11
    Best in the world neuroendoscopic surgery
  • 12
    Neuro intervention facility
  • 13
    Cavitron ultrasonic surgical aspirator
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