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Emergency Number: 99296-07030
Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital is providing comprehensive Cardiac Care and Cardio-Thoracic Surgery services since 1980. First Open Heart operation was performed in SDMH in the year 1980. Earlier, Cardiothoracic Surgical work was undertaken in the Cardiology Department. However, it was in January 1991 that the concept of an independent department of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery was translated into reality. Common Cardiothoracic Surgery services includes coronary artery bypass surgery, beating heart surgery, valvular repair & replacement surgery, aortic aneurysm surgery, peripheral vascular surgeries like Embolectomy and Aortic aneurysm surgery, thoracic surgeries like lobectomy, pneumonectomy, sleeve resection and decortications. The department has been pioneer in Cardio-thoracic surgery in Rajasthan; being the first to perform Open Heart Surgery.
  • 1
    Valve repair & replacement surgery
  • 2
    Coronary artery bypass surgery
  • 2
    Carotid Endo arterectomy
  • 3
    Paediatric cardiac surgery
  • 4
    Minimally invesive cardiac surgery (MICS)
  • 5
    Surgery for complex congenital defects
  • 6
    Video assisted thoracic surgery (VATS)
  • 7
    Aortic surgery
  • 8
    Peripheral vascular surgery
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