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Years served - 50 +
Patients served - 5 Million +
Served today - 143
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Emergency Number: 0141 352 4444
Neurological services were started in Santokba Hospital with a single consultant in 1991. Gradually, the department has evolved into an Institute in form of Santokba Durlabhji Institute of Neurosciences (SDIN) with four Neurologists and three Neurosurgeons. The department is also well supported by Pediatric Neurologist from department of Pediatrics, Rehabilitation and Orthotic Consultant (RALFC), Speech therapist, Physiotherapist and Clinical Psychologist. Common outpatient conditions seen in the department are headache, epilepsy, stroke, parkinsonism & movement disorders, neuromuscular disorders, neuro-infections and neuro-immunological disorders, dementia and cognitive dysfunction. The department also provides inpatient services to refractory epilepsy, status epilepticus stroke, parkinsonism & movement disorders, neuromuscular (GB syndrome, CIDP, Myasthenia Gravis), various neuro-infections (CNS Tuberculosis, Pyogenic Meningitis, Viral Encephalitis, Cerebral Malaria), tropical neurological, autoimmune, dementia and cognitive function disorders. For the treatment of these patients we have a dedicated Neuro-ICU and Neurology Ward. The Institute has state-of-the-art Nihon Koden EEG machine with facility for portable and prolonged video EEG, NCV, EMG, evoked potentials (VEP, SEP, BAER), Botox Therapy, Carotid Doppler, Angiogram, Endovascular Coiling and Embolisation. In addition, Neuro-radiological facilities include 2 multi slice CT (64 & 128 slice), 2 MRI (1.5 & 3 T) machines, Carotid Doppler and DSA. Neurology department of Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital is the only private hospital in Rajasthan, recognized by National Board of Examination for DNB training in Neurology (2 seats every year). The Department organizes yearly SDIN oration, frequent CMEs and conferences with eminent speakers from India and abroad.
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