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Years served - 50 +
Patients served - 5 Million +
Served today - 132
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Emergency Number: 0141 352 4444
Medical Oncology is the subspecialty of Oncology which deals with the medical management of cancer using anti-cancer Drugs. Medical Oncology treatment given in S.D.M.H. offers patient care along with expertise, assurance and huge dedication. This is under supervision of a highly qualified and experienced oncologist, who works full time for this institute. The hospital's medical oncology department also includes specially trained nursing staff that assists in administration of chemotherapy, in both day care as well as inpatients. Facilities are available to undertake outpatients' chemotherapy in specialized day care units. Chemotherapy drug mixing is done at a separately designated area, under laminar airflow, to ensure patient & staff safety to prevent health hazards. In order to make administration of chemotherapy safe and more patient friendly, use of central catheters and ports is a routine in the department. In this department the side effects of chemotherapy are also managed ranging from common to rarer ones, so that patients can lead relatively normal lives while receiving chemotherapy and/ or targeted therapy. All the procedures performed in SDMH for diagnosing and treating the cancer patients are as follows : •Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy •USG or CT guided biopsy/ FNAC from any lump or mass •CSF cytology and intrathecal chemotherapy Immunohistochemistry – marker study Institute has dedicated blood bank, histopathology, Nuclear medicine & all other superspeciality departments to support medical oncology (Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy, Hormonal therapy, Immunotherapy & Monoclonal antibody ) Translitute has dedicated blood bond, histopathology & nuclear medicine & all other Superspeciality department to support medical oncology department
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