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Years served - 50 +
Patients served - 5 Million +
Served today - 132
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Emergency Number: 0141 352 4444
The Department of Endocrinology provides tertiary level health care for the pediatric, adolescent, pregnant, adult and geriatric patients with diabetes as well as other common complex endocrine problems. Individual electronic medical record is being maintained for both OPD and IPD patients. In its academic portfolio, the department is actively involved in clinical research, drug trials, post-graduate teaching and conduction of CMEs for practicing physicians. Common Endocrinology problems being encountered and dealt being include- diabetes and its complications management, obesity management, thyroid disorders, metabolic bone disease clinic, pituitary disorder, disorder of ovary and disorder of testis. The department is one-stop centre which provides full facility for thorough evaluation, investigations by in-house hormone assays with facility of same day reporting, and treatment on both OPD and IPD basis by experts in the most benevolent ambience.
  • 1
    Obesity management
  • 2
    Thyroid Disorders
  • 2
    Metabolic Bone disease clinic
  • 3
    Pituitary disorders diagnosis
  • 4
    Disorder of Ovary
  • 5
    Disorder of Testis k2
  • 6
    Hormonal disturbance in paediatrica / Adolescent
  • 7
    Comprehensive Diabetes Managed Care :
    The comprehensive diabetes managed care programme provides intensive management of diabetes and diabetes related complications.
    1. Retinopathy
    2. Nephropathy
    3. Neuropathy
    4. Ischaemic Heart Disease
    5. Foot Care/Podiatry
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