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Academic Grand Round Dr. Jyotsna Sinha on "Imaging in Lung Malignancy on 8th September 2018
Academic Grand Round Dr. Piyush Mathur on "Dyselectrolytemia" 13th October 2018.
Academic Grand Round Dr. Ajay Shah on "Hyperthyroidism: SDMH experience" 10th November, 2018.
Academic Grand Round Dr. Pankaj Mittal on "Obsessive Compulsive Related Disorders" on 8th December 2018
Academic Grand Round Dr. Ashok Jain on "Emergency Medicine" on 9th February 2019
Award of Dr. Hans Kumar Gold Medal in Raj Pulmocon 2019 to Dr. Satyajit Acharya, DNB Trainee Pulmonary Medicine
Award of 1st prize in NCCP Oral Presentation in Raj Pulmocon 2019 to Dr. Aman Ahuja DNB Trainee Pulmonary Medicine
Academic Grand Round Dr. Prashant Gandhi on "Cognition in type II diabetes mellitus" under supervision of Dr. K.K. Singh, Dr. Ajay Shah and Dr. Anoop Ranjan Varma on March 09, 2019
Academic Grand Round talk by senior consultants Dept of Orthopedic Surgery on "Spectrum of challenging cases in Orthopedics" on 13.04.2019
Academic Grand Round by Dr. Rakesh Gupta Dept of De-addiction on "Tobacco cessation services at SDMH: The determinants of the quit rate" on 11.05.2019
Academic Grand Round by Dr. V.K. Parashar, Dr. Ashesh Shah, Dr. Sanwar Mal Mitharwal, Dept of Anesthesiology on Role of pre-op assessment and optimization for safe anesthesia on June 8, 2019
Introductory_Statistics_Class_24_08_2019_Hemlata_Durlabhji_Auditorium_3.00 pm
Academic Grand Round by Dr. D.P. Sharma and Dr. Vipin Khandelwal, Dept of Neurosurgery on "Interventional Neurovascular techniques and their practice at SDMH" on 10.08.2019
Conference NEOBRAIN organized by SDMH and IAP Neonatalogy Chapter on September 8, 2019
Academic Grand Round by Dr. Rajiv Bansal, Sr. Consultant & HOD Paediatrics on What everyone should know about Thalassemia on September 14, 2019.
ROSA-IJO CME on Research Methodology & Scientific Program October 2,2019 at SDMH Jaipur
Academic Grand Round by Dr. Ram Gulati on "Challenging & interesting cases in Dermatology at SDMH" on 12.10.2019
IBD Update Dept of Gastroenterology SDMH Jaipur & ISG Rajasthan Chapter on 13.10.2019 at Hotel Raddison Blu, Jaipur
Dr. Nandini Deshpande DNB Anesthesiology SDMH Jaipur Gold Medalist DNB Final Exams 2018
Academic Grand Round by Dr. Lalit Garg, Consultant Interventional Radiology on "Interesting cases in interventional radiology at SDMH on 09.11.2019
CME on Pain December 14 2019 talks by Dr. Anoop Varma on Neuropathic Pain and Dr. Adhaar Dhooria on Fibromyalgia and other pain syndrome
1st Prize for Best Paper Award NAPCON 2019 Kochi Dr. Pranzal Garg DNB Trainee Dept of Pulmonary Medicine, SDMH Jaipur
Academic Grand Round by consultants Dept of Surgical Gastroenterology on various topics on 14.12.2019 at SDMH Jaipur
Dr. Nandini Deshpande DNB from SDMH Jaipur won Dr. V.G. Appakutty Gold Medal in Anesthesiology in National Board of Examinations, New Delhi final exams December 2018.