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Shri Yogendra Durlabhji (Secretary)
Empathy is the word that immediately comes to mind as I think of my father. Empathy is aptly defined as someone else’s pain in your heart. My father felt the pain of many in his.

He was deeply affected by the plight of the pavement dwellers ...

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SDMH - The Hospital That Cares Dedicated to Humanity Life

Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital, Jaipur is a private, trust-managed, autonomous, fee-for-services and not-for-profit hospital that the late Khailshanker Durlabhji conceptualised in the course of his daily walks with Dr Tarachand ji Gangwal who was a friend, family physician and a dedicated and esteemed doctor of the time.

A prominent jeweller of the city, Khailshanker ji was devoted to the idea of delivering the best healthcare to the people of Rajasthan in an affordable package. Santokba came into being on November 29, 1971, and was inaugurated by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. It was the first private hospital in the state. It started modestly with only 80 beds and six specialties.

Forty years later, it is a multidisciplinary, 551-bed, tertiary care hospital. It houses several wards, operation theatres, ICUs, laboratories, utility services, specialties and super specialties, including one of the best blood banks in the country, catering to the entire state of Rajasthan.

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Dr Shailendra Srivastava Namaste! My heartfelt thanks to you and your team of doctors and nurses for your wonderfully kind treatment of David and I recently. We arrived home safely eventually on...
Patty Finn
My friend Tripti Pandey brought me to this hospital. She knew Dr Shailendre was the best orthopaedic surgeon. I had a dislocated ankle with fractures and was in a lot of pain. He immediately took m...
Anjana Kumari
मेरा नाम अंजना है | मैं बयाना कस्बे से हूँ | बचपन में किसी बीमारी के कारण मेरी आँखों की रौशनी चली गयी थी | पहले कई डॉक्टरों से इलाज करवाने के बावजूद भी आँखों की रौशनी नहीं आई | कई बड़े अस्पतालों में भी...
Apoorv Giri
I consulted Dr.Bhart last year when i was going through severe pain due to ankylosing spondylitis.My movement was completely blocked and it was very difficult for me to walk or even stand.I got his de...
Prateek Mohan
Greetings for the day…. Me and my wife would like to thank you all for the wonderful care you gave us during pregnancy time of my wife and the birth of our darling daughter. We enjoyed attending ...
Ranjeet meena
I was meet to Dr.Rajesh and many hospital staff all manner very sincear and fateful reference I am satisfied thanks all staff...
dr.rajendra prajapati
i was admitted in SDMH for laproscopic cholisistectomy at that time i feel that attitude of dr. and staff is very good in spite of heavy duty,thank to all who help me to became disease free....
Mrs. Jyotsna Shah
To the staff of SDM Hospital, for your most sincere and deligent service, ore personalized than professional care, I was able to overcome my illness. My deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to you a...
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